Friday, January 9, 2015

Saying goodbye to Blogger. . .

So, as of NOW, all new Blog Posts (programming) will be over on


Super excited to have the site live (will be)

Site isn't done and will be being revamped a TON in the next week or so, BUT, all programming will be live there with comments ready to go. We really want everyone commenting daily with their programming / times / scores. Will be a Disqus login for all (can use Facebook).

Thank you to everyone who has helped grow this community. Very excited for the launch of CAP (on many levels). Keep an eye out for some really great stuff being added for the Competition Folks to take advantage of (through CAP Partnerships).

2015 Season is upon us, lets do this!

Saturday, 011015

A. Complex:  5 deadlifts , 4 hang cleans (power or sqT allowed), 3 front sqts , 2 push Jerks (same plane, no front back movement) , 1 Split Jerk; build to max 
B. 20RM Push Press - PR attempt…if you don’t PR, one drop set at 90% of the number you failed at, for 20x
50 kb swings @ 70/53#
50 walking lunge steps 
50 T2B
50 push press @ 95/63#
40 kb snatch @ 53/35 *alternating
50 wall ball, 20/14#
30 burpees (no jump)

D. into 10 min on rower with mask for recovery 
E. Scap and recovery Work 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Friday, 010915

Kim, joining us daily from NC! 
Regionals Individual 2014

A. OHS - 10RM + 1x10@80% with pause in hole 
B. L-Sit To Handstand work on pbars ; or scaled version of this. Work the core and stability with this for about 10 min 
C. Snatch Grip Behind neck Push Press - build to heavy Triple
40 Pistols (alt legs) 
40 C2B pullups 
40 OHS (75/55)
40 Cal Row 
E. Scap work 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thursday, 010815

A.1  60 minutes of active recovery here (for the power athletes - look to hold this 60 minute session around 60-70% effort).  Endurance athletes should be just doing.
A.2  Self pre-had.  30 minutes of foam rolling and concentrated mobility drills for those areas that need it.  For athletes who need more stability - then this is stability work.  If you are unsure then schedule an appointment with one of our coaches to get an athlete screening done.
A.3  Prepare your food for the weekend
A.4  Prepare your training times for the weekend

Wed, 010714

It's that time of year! I know Kyle is pumped for 2015 Regionals

A. sqT clean - 3RM for the day - from high blocks - not tnG but right back on bar 
B. Back Rack Walking Lunge : 16 rep (8 each leg) climb to heavy , in 4 sets here of working sets 
C. 10 min row @Z1 - Recovery 

A. running clock 
21 muscle ups 
31 sqt cleans (95/63) (beasts do 115/83)
410m Row  

 rest 10 min 

power cleans (135/93)
Ring dips 
Note your time at this point, but immediately go into 36 bar facing burpees AFAP
*note time end of that as well 

D. 20 min of mobility and recovery MINIMUM

Tuesday, 010615

Kellie with 225#

A1. Clean Pull + 5 sec eccentric lower to floor ; @100% of Clean - x 4-5 - singles; rest none 
A2. Seated Box Jump x 2 x each set above; rest 1:30
B. 10 legless rope climbs AFAP
amrap 10 @80% 
1 rope climb 15'
5 Thrusters (135/93) *beasts 165/113
10 box jumps (step down) 24/20
10 GHD Situps
rest 5 min 
10 min max cal on bike 
D. Hand Balancing Work (10 min or so, have some fun - get creative)
E. 4 rds NFT 
12 band scap squeezes 
10 superman rocks
10 hollow rocks 

Monday, 010515

Have you joined us on Saturdays yet? Every Sat, 10a, Competition Training 

A. Strict Press -
climb to heavy 5 rep, heavy 4 rep, heavy 3 rep, heavy double, and maybe a few heavy singles. 1RM is not the point of the day, simple volume. 
B. EMOM x 16
odd: 15 cal row 
even: 15 burpees over the rower 
C. 10 min or so with lat and overhead positional stretching / work 

A. Snatch Wave - 3.2.1 x 3-4x through   first triple starting at 70%
*for those new to this style wave. First triple at 70%…then put little bit of weight on, hit double little bit of weight on hit single. Then, go back to triple, but higher than the originally 70%..not drastic…and continue to climb accordingly. Heavier double, heavier single,then back triple etc 
B. Back SqT - 4-5 sets of 3-5 reps - starting at 80% - shorter tests where you can here 
10 pbar hspu (pbar to 1 Abmat)
20 cal AB 
20 deficit hspu (2 45#plates for hands to Abmat)
20 cal AB
30 hspu (45's to Abmat) - slight deficit 
20 cal AB

**ideally set this up with the plates under the pbars with 1 Abmat for head. Remove pbars for next set ; remove one plate off each for final set. 
***add in Scap work following if you have time.